Pygmy Goats

We have some great pygmy goats.  They have won many awards.  Abby has won many many showmanship awards and has done very well with her pygmy goats.

Jasmin 2015

This is Pygmy Palace Princess Jasmin.  She lived to be almost 12 years old.  We had her since she was 10 days old.  She took care of all the babies, even Boer goat babies.  Even with her arthritis she was the “Queen Bee”.


Abby with Lady Coco, our newest baby.  July 2014


Abby & Coco in a costume contest. Sept 2014


Rozell came to live with us in September 2014.  She is 11 years old.

Coco 0615

Coco at one year old, summer 2015


Abby & Coco at March Madness 2016.  Coco won Jr. Champion Doe

At the East San Diego County Junior Fair, May 2016, Coco won Best in Show.


Coco has been breed to 1 Moore Kid Absolute Blaze.  Hoping for a mid July 2016 kidding.

Coco had I giant male baby & 1 still born female.  Because he is so big we decided to name him Mr. Moose.  Coco is very attentive.  Since her mother abandoned her we were a little concerned about her maternal instincts.  She is a great mother!

Mr. Moose is 2 days old in this picture.  He has a nice deep body and good angulation on his hind legs.  Potential buck material.

Mr. Moose is 8 months old in this picture.  He was sold as a weanling but developed a hernia due to his rough delivery.  The buyer backed out due to hernia.  Now at 8 months it is almost completely healed.  He’ll be heading to the March Madness Pygmy Goat Show on March 25 & 26, 2017 at the Lakeside Rodeo Grounds.

This is a picture of Mr. Moose with his “hernia belt” .  He still stays close to his mother.