This is Day Walker, Walker for short.  He is a Crele Old English Game Bird.  He was hatched in mid 2013.  His first show he won second to his wife, Bo Derek.  His second show he won Best Game Bird at the Eastern San Diego County Junior Fair.  Since then he has won many championships.


This is Bo Derek.  She is a Crele Old English Game Bird.  She was also hatched in mid 2013.  Her first show she won Reserve Bantam at the San Diego County Fair.  Her second show she was second to Walker.  She has also won many more championships.


This is a picture of 2 buff Silkies, Buffy, a hen & Squirt. Buffy has won many championships.

March 2016



This is Blue our blue Silkie cockerel.  A Silkie Master Breeder said he was the best blue cockerel he had seen.  Spring 2016


2 partridge Silkie cockerels, Wes & Bob. March 2016