Dexter Cattle

Jazzy Java cute face cropped

This is Mooster Meadows Jazzy Java.  She was born on March 21, 2015.  She will come to live with us when she is weaned in September 2015.  We are so excited!


Abby & Java went to their first show in December in Phoenix, Arizona in 2015.


This is the banner we made to show everyone at the Arizona National Livestock Show in December, 2015.


Abby & Java resting together. January 2016


Abby & Mr. Rowdy Yates.  He is our steer.  Almost a year old.  March 2016


Mr. Rowdy Yates is looking good.  March 2016


Beautiful Java out grazing.  One year old, March 2016

MrFireManFire Man

This is Glenn Land Mr. Fire Man, young & older.  We will be using him to AI Java in April 2016